TV News is Not for Us

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I enjoyed hearing about my peers’ relationships with the news.  There were some commonalities which didn’t surprise me too much.  I think pretty much everyone was agreed that the news tends to sensationalize things too much.  Also, there was not one person who preferred TV news.  My peers, much like me, either get their news from the web or from the radio.  I was a bit surprised that so many people seemed to prefer radio news; I listen to it much more than the TV myself because I am frequently in the car (my summer job was about 20 minutes from where I live so I would listen to the radio).  Still, I would have expected people to watch the TV news before they listened to it on radio, but that is apparently not the case. 

As far as specific presentations went, Wendy made PowerPoint presentation.  Jennifer recounted a negative personal experience she had when a local reporter did not do their job very well.  She commented that reporters should at least “pretend interest” in the stories they are covering.  While I laughed when she said this, it really is true.  No reporter can get a good story when it is clear to everyone involved that they don’t care.  Aja explained to us the various sources she gets news from.  Josie wrote a play explaining that she only has a small relationship to the news.  Mike spent his summer in Rome and he expressed how disconnected he felt from the happenings in the United States while he was there (the only real news he got was that Michael Jackson died).  Michelle and Derek both made YouTube video about their relationship to the news.  Andrew discussed his preferred ways of obtaining the news.  He made a good observation that on the Internet the old and new news are all mixed together on the same page.  Jeanine very creatively made her own mini-newspaper to explain that she mostly gets her news from the Internet as well.  Diana made a humorous comic about how the news almost always only focuses on death and destruction.  And lastly, Malcolm recited a poem he wrote.  I found Malcolm’s poem interesting since I also chose to write a poem.  However, our takes were very different.  He focused mostly on how negative the news media always tends to be, while I focused on the fact that I have always viewed myself as a consumer of news and now I am viewing myself from the new position of a news writer. 

All in all, my classmates had very different ways of expressing their relationship to the news.  But one thing was clear, we as young people do not go to the TV for our news.  Our first source is the Internet and our second is the radio.  Furthermore, few of us have a positive opinion about the news media. 

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