High Quality Expectations Start at the Top and Continue at Every Level

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Josie on her blog challenged the assertion that change should start with the editor.  While I definitely agree with her highlighting that journalists must accept responsibility for their article and the mistakes they may make, I still felt that to some degree the high standards have to start at the top and work down.  If the editor is going to let the reporters get away with low-quality articles, some of them probably will.  It takes less effort after all.  

In considering acceptance of responsibility, I considered it in terms of a student-teacher relationship.  If the teacher doesn’t demand a lot, chances are the student is not going to try as hard.  If the student can get away with little effort and mediocrity, they probably will.  However, if the teacher’s expectations are higher and the student must work really hard to get a good grade, the student will.

 So in other words, high quality demands must start at the top.  Yes, there are exceptions.  There are some students and some journalists, who will work hard no matter what anyone else asks of them, but that is not always the case, and even these dedicated workers will work harder and strive for better work if pushed.  While it is very important for individual journalists to aspire for their best possible work, I think it is important for the higher up’s not to have complacent attitudes either.   

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