Portfolio 2: Learning—Not Just from Reading, but from Real-Life Experience

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We didn’t have quite as many blogs this time around.  I think this is because a lot of our work for this part of the class was more hands-on focused.  While I did learn from my blogging, I think I got even more from the actual experience of our mock press conferences, article writing, and interviewing.  I learned for one thing, that many times things do not go as planned (thus my change of topic for my spot news article).  Reporters have to be on the ball, flexible, and assertive.  I’m not a big fan of striking up conversations with people I don’t know, but in the course of writing my spot news article I discovered this wasn’t quite as terrible as I thought it would be.  I also found out how stressful news writing is for me.  Everything is so up in the air, that it makes me worry up until the time my article is completed.  Will the event turn out how I want it to?  Will my angle work?  Will my interview work out?  Will I have enough information/quotes?  News writing presents a whole new realm of challenges as opposed to other writing I have done in the past. 

Coverage and Timeliness:  I completed all assigned blogs and posted them all on or before the time that they were due.  I list here only the blogs which did not fall under another category. 

Depth: Here are a few blog entries that went more in depth than the others.

  • Looking at Layouts  Here, I analyze the front pages of two newspapers focusing on their use of pictures, fonts, color, and placement of these things. 
  • When is Vulgarity Acceptable?  In response to Wendy’s blog, I consider the differences in what is acceptable in creative mediums versus the news and why there are differences between the two.
  • The Ethics of Crime Reporting In response to Richelle’s blog, I consider the reporter’s role in crime reporting and what their responsibility is to both the victim and the accused. 

Interaction: Some of my contributions to my peers’ blogs. 

  • In Richelle’s Crime-repetition, my classmates (and even Dr. Jerz) discuss the errors in a crime report and why they are made. 
  • In Matt’s Better because we’re Irish, I leave him a longer comment about his really good observation about how the use of color in newspapers can be as much an detractor as an attractor. 
  • In Josie’s When the Old is Made New, we discuss how although spot news articles do not deal with breaking news (usually), they still manage to make themselves seem important to both locals and non-locals.     
  • In Wendy’s Euphemism and Quotes ,my classmates (and Dr. Jerz) discuss the reasons why profanity is more acceptable in creative works than News writing. 

Discussion: Here are some discussions which took place on my blogs.


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The Link Gracias:

  • Any reflection entry

Wildcard:  I selected the blog below because in it I combine news writing, literature, and linguistics to each other.  Anytime I can make connections between news writing and other English-related subjects it always makes me happy, helps me understand it better, and like it better.

Reflections:  These are blog entries I wrote before class.  They are based on my classmates’ blog entries.  I expand on what I have learned from their blogs and what I now understand better thanks to them.  If I use a reflection in another category, I do not include it here at well.

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