The News Cycle—Growing Up (2nd and 3rd Day Articles)

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The first article I originally picked, State police serve drug investigation warrants in 4 western Pa. counties, was followed up on the next day.  The follow-up article in the Tribune-Review was entitled: 29 charged after Western Pennsylvania undercover drug operation.  It was much longer, had quotes from a commanding police officer and district attorney.  It gave more information on the “street and midlevel dealers” were caught (they sold drugs to undercover police officers).  It gave specific details on a few of the accused such as what drugs they sold and what quantity they had.  One of them was also a student at IUP, so they quoted a spokeswoman from IUP.  However, none of the seven people who were not previously apprehended were found.  Therefore, it is possible there could be yet another article as they find these suspects and yet more articles as these cases make their way through the court system.  I would not imagine that these articles would be in the near future though.

The second article I had picked which was from the Pittsburgh-Post Gazette, Carlynton faces suit for opposing enrollment of homeless children, also had an article written about it the next day.  The newer article was headlined, School zone: Better law can help the homeless get an education.  This article was a little bit different of a situation than the first one I remarked on (see above about the drug bust).  The second day article was actually shorter than the first.  It also did not include any quotes, while the first day article did.  Essentially there was nothing new to say in this article.  It was just a summary of the previous article.  The only new development was that the suit was filed.  I think the article was meant mainly just to keep this issue in the public’s eye, as in the future, the case will be bigger news since the ruling could have serious implications for the 2001 law.

The last article I picked, 3 accused of getting $400,000 from altered machine at Meadows, actually has had two articles written on it since it was originally printed.  The original article was extremely brief and promised more information in the next day’s paper.  Sure enough, there was an article with more information the next day.  The article, Trio tripped up in Meadows scam, was lengthy, had quotes, was full of information, and even had pictures of the three accused men.  The third day article, Gaming security failed to record slots theft, provided yet more new information.  The article did not begin with a summary of the old facts.  It assumed to some degree that the reader already had some knowledge of what occurred.  Later in the article, it summarized the old information, but it did begin with this.  It instead provided the new quotes from Vegas officials shifting the blame (which the Casino was trying not to subsume) onto the casino.  It also had more information about the culprits, what allowed the fraudulent jackpots to take place, and how common such occurrences are.  I think there will be yet more articles on this in the future.  It seems to be a hot issue and the three men will need to go through the court system yet. 

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