The News Cycle—Starting with the Birth (Breaking News)

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State police serve drug investigation warrants in 4 western Pa. counties

This article from the Tribune-Review informs us that after an 18-month undercover drug investigation 29 warrants for arrest were released.  21 people were apprehended, while eight more suspects have yet to be caught.  The article is again relatively short.  More information will probably be released about the bust, those arrested so far, and the remaining un-apprehended suspects. 

Carlynton faces suit for opposing enrollment of homeless children

This article from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette deals with the fact that two groups intended to file suit against Carlynton School District today in U.S. District Court in Pittsburgh because of the school’s argument about whether four students have the right to go to school there or not.  The children stay in a shelter in the district during the day, but sleep elsewhere.  Thus, the district argues they do not live in the district to receive the school’s services.  The case could have implications on the McKinney-Vento Homeless Education Assistance Improvements Act of 2001.  I think the article will be followed up on, because first of all, the suit was just to be filed today.  Therefore, as the case progresses through the court system there will be more to report on it and secondly, because it could have a serious impact on school districts.  The article had a decent bit of information and was relatively long; however, it did not reveal whether the suit was actually filed or not.  It had various quotes from different people.  The controversy was probably discussed at several school board meetings before it made it to this level of severity.

3 accused of getting $400,000 from altered machine at Meadows

This article from the Pittsburgh-Post Gazette deals with three men who were using a glitch to get money from a slot machine.  There was a press conference today and the men were arrested today.  The article was very short and sketchy on details and had no quotes.  It ended saying that more information would be provided in tomorrow’s paper. 

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