How Many Functions of Links Can You List?

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In order to consider what the function of links are I took a look at the article “Where the Botched Children’s Book Adaptations Are” on Wired.  Below is my list of functions they fulfill:

  • While it is easy enough to look up information on something you may not be familiar with by simply going to a search engine and typing in the unknown word, using links directs readers specifically to what the author may be referring to. 
  • It allows authors to give credit to someone else who they may have gotten ideas from.
  •  It helps direct the reader to more information. 
  • It saves the reader time from having to look whatever it is up, instead they just have to click and wait for the page to load. 
  • But most importantly, it gives the author a good way to make their article briefer.  Instead of having to go into an elaborate explanation or summary of something, the author can save both their time (by not having to provide this information) and the readers’ time (who if they already know about the information don’t have to slog through the author’s recap).   

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Angela Palumbo said:

I liked how you made a bulleted list, Greta! Links, like bulleted lists, serve as a quick overview of the important information. They say, "If you are interested in learning more, click me" (well not literally, but almost). I also enjoyed your use of the word "slog."

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