Information or News?

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In reading both Angela’s and Kaitlin’s blogs on the multimedia news feature, I began to see more of the positive qualities of it.  Angela made it clearer to me how the interactive nature or the feature would interest viewers, while Kaitlin made it clear how unbiased and informative it was.  Both of their blogs steered me to consider the real function of this feature.  It seems like it would make a great informative tool to use in a classroom.  It teaches where the garage goes and what happens to the recyclables.  It seems like there is a lot more information and a lot less news.  They did have a good idea about getting that information across.  With the words, pictures, lists, interaction, and video clips, it would work well for almost any learning style (although, we all agree the videos need a little work).  But this makes me wonder how much of this feature is news and how much of it is just informative…

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