The Balancing Act: Here’s a Link, There’s a Link, Everywhere’s a Link, Link

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It was interesting comparing the different views my classmates had on links.  Jeanine voiced that links make her feel a bit overwhelmed sometimes.  They result in a never-ending cycle of information seeking.  In contrast, Angela stresses in her comment on Derek’s blog that she loves links and that, “it's fun traversing the web through links…”  On my own blog, I found it hard to even narrow down all the functions that links fulfill.  So, I think it’s safe to say, that links are extremely powerful.  They can either really please a reader or annoy them.  As Dr. Jerz pointed out in class, sometimes you will be excited about a link and then you click on it and find it to be completely useless.  There is nothing more disappointing then being promised something and then not getting it.  So links speak loudly.  You don’t want to use too many or too few, or to link to a place which isn’t actually helpful.  As in most cases, you have to search for some kind of middle ground and be careful what you link to.     

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