This isn’t TV, There are Repercussions

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There was a commonality between Angela’s blog, Richelle’s blog, and the comment I left on Angela’s blog about investigative journalism.  All three of us in our own way recognized the folklore which surrounds investigative reporting.  Angela talked about its romanticism, Richelle compared it to the movie Erin Brokovich, and I compared it to a Lois and Clark episode.  Essentially, all three of us recognized the disparity between the real world and the ideal world where investigative journalism is as easy as the News Manual makes it sound.  Particularly as students with limited time and contacts, it’s a lot harder and a lot more serious than some may realize.  I’m not saying it isn’t possible.  But I do think it’s a lot harder than TV and movies make it look.  In real life, there are real repercussions.  What you write or discover could result in death threats, people losing their jobs, and being sued for defamation.  

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