We’ll Give You What You Want, But Trap You in a Maze of Interactivity While We’re at It

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Both Angela and Jenn in their blogs helped me to further consider the role of multimedia in the news.  Angela in her discussion of a slideshow on Megan Fox pointed out that a newspaper would never have the space to print all 18 pictures that the internet was able to.  I think this is a really important point.  There is only so much room in a newspaper.  Journalists must sort through all the articles and prioritize what will make it in and what won’t.  They have to ask themselves what picture will fit in the space and will be the most eye-catching?  On-line news does not have to worry about these concerns.  They have unlimited space.  If they have 18 pictures and want to use them all, they can do it.  If they have video clips, they can use them. 

Jenn also interestingly pointed out how powerful this limitless space and interactivity can be.  With so much space, they can use links to draw the reader from webpage to webpage in an endless cycle.  I know I’ve intended to read just one article before and ended up reading about five or six because of links.  This allows the reader to get more of what they want, but it is also much better at trapping our attentions. 

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