Pink is my Favorite Color

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Hawthorne repeatedly brings up one color and one animal in "Young Goodman Brown."  He mentions Faith's "pink ribbons" three times on the first page alone, then again on pages eight and twelve.  He uses the serpent to describe both the gentleman he walks with "...replied he of the serpent... (p.3)" as well as the staff the gentleman uses, "...which bore the likeness of a great black snake, (p.2)."  
Pink is often seen as a joyful, happy color.  Associating that with Faith resembles his love for not only his wife, but his beliefs.  The snake easily represents evil and temptation.  Young Goodman Brown is struggling with following what he loves while being led astray by temptation. He sees those he believed faithful following the "wrong" path.  
Throughout the piece he is struggling within himself to find his way and be true to his faith.  


Jennifer Prex said:

These symbolic details did work out well in this story. All we as readers needed to do was pay attention to the details and we would know what we needed to know about the characters.

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