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Foster says "now, where have I seen her before?"  
He continues to talk about how there is no original works of literature.  For example, "his characters fall through a hole in the road...(p.30)" is compared to "Falling through a hole is like Alice in Wonderland (p.30)."  I completely understand that connection.  It makes sense and is very easy to follow.  Anyone who has read, or at least seen Alice in Wonderland will know the importance of her falling down the hole.  Reading another piece of literature with a passage discussing falling down a hole would be easily connected to the original.  
One of the examples Foster loses me is on the very next page, "brown-skinned young woman guiding a group of white men (mostly white, anyway), speaking the language they don't know..." He relates this to "Sacajawea.  If I need to be guided across hostile territory..."  That connection baffles me completely.  I suppose an educated reader could see the resemblance, but I often do no look that deep into what I am reading.  I do not see a strange person, leading a group, as a reference to the history I am know.  
Foster continues with a preview of his next chapter by discussing some references to Shakespeare.  I can very often see those references, but again, I usually make it a focus to not read that into my stories.
From personal experience, I have learned that if the book I am reading is too similar to a story I have heard before, I have a very difficult time finishing the book.  I feel that actively searching for these connections ruins the pleasure I get from reading.  I thoroughly enjoy reading; I do not wish to ponder over details that could or could not stand for something completely different.


Jamie Grace said:

I just realized that you blogged about this and so did i. I had basically the same opinion as you and agree that looking for the connections ruins the story.

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