Flowers and cages, heaven and earth

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"All intelligences awake with the morning" (para 14).


This line was significant to me because, when I am on my normal sleep cycle, I will be up in the morning.  When I need to function and be somewhere, it just happens naturally for me.  Only when I repeatedly tell myself - you don't have to get up tomorrow - and I mean repeatedly, do I manage to get up after 8am.  Getting up at 5am though is easy as eating pie for me.  Thoreau uses so many passages like this in chapter 2 that I had a hard time picking one!  There are many references to music and nature that I just adored!  This one is particular though because he continues to discuss how waking with a dawn within is the important part of living. 


His particular description of nature throughout demonstrates true beauty in my mind.  Being an advocate of "nothing is trivial," the notice of detail that Thoreau uses gives me warm fuzzies.



Chapter 4 was more intriguing to me than chapter 2!  Entitled "Sounds," it seems that Thoreau understands what he is writing - or at least writes in such a manner as to provide the reader with all details needed to see what he saw.

Again, I had a lot of trouble picking just one thing to notice - since all the descriptions of birds stood out.  One reference that was not to birds was this, "I am more alone than ever" (para 14).  This reminded me of a quote from a movie I like, "Thing to remember is if we're all alone, then we're all together in that too" (P.S. I Love You).  I thought this was interesting in Thoreau's work because it was a very small section amidst all the confusion of the birds and bells.  Perhaps even though he is surrounded by nature, he really feels alone.  It is hard to feel together when you are not surrounded by humanity.  Even though the feelings people can get from nature are those of 'being at one with nature,' it is not the same as the feeling we get when we are with others.

On the opposite side, everyone really is alone, which is why the movie comes to mind.  A lot of people prefer to "suffer in silence" as the saying goes.  That makes them alone in that sense, but we have to realize that even when we do this, we are not the only person on the planet doing that, which provides a sense of togetherness. What a weird situation that puts people in.


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