Language is not what it used to be

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I am not yet done reading "Bartleby, the Scrivener" by Herman Melville, but I must state that I am truly tired of it!  I have read a mere three pages and identified over 10 words that I did not know nor could translate simply by reading the context!
I hope my classmates are not struggling with this reading as much as I am!


Heather, note that the narrator is a well-educated lawyer who's rather full of himself, so the language of the story matches his personality.

I hadn't thought of that... thank goodness for dictionaries! Was it normal for writing of the time to be like that? or just in particular cases like this?

Jamie Grace said:

I agree with you Heather, it took me forever to read just because I had to look up every other word. Now that I finished I have to find a quote to write about and I cannot find anything that stood out to me at all. Ugh!

It was rough! I eventually did find something that I thought stood out, but it was very difficult! You are not alone Jamie! :)

Dave said:

I was going to read it, but since the words were difficult I decided that I'd prefer not to. haha.

I didn't do to bad with it, but I tend to read a fair amount of stuff from that time period or earlier...and I've always dug Melville. While the words were more difficult than Hawthorne, I thought it was alot more entertaining.

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