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Foster is talking about how the story of Handsel and Gretel can be seen in many stories.  While I do believe that to some extent, I particularly like this quote: "Here's what I think we do: we want strangeness in our stories, but we want familiarity too (63)."   Everyone says they love to try new things.  How new are these things really though.  As an example, people who want to try sky diving - falling from very high.  Most people who want to do this have experienced something else, like a roller coaster free fall; that has pushed this desire to the front.  This is the first thing that I can completely agree with Foster on.  When reading the back of a book, I look for a couple of things: first, does the plot sound remotely interesting and second, is this what I'm looking for.  The first point is pretty easy to see, I am often either fascinated or completely uninterested when it comes to that.  The second is a little harder and often depends on what I've recently read, my mood, and recommendations from friends.  An example of this, vampire books have been the basis of my reading selection for probably the past three months.  Currently, when I go looking for a book to read, I find myself in the fantasy/ science fiction section, looking for anything to do with wizards, dragons, and especially vampires.  Why am I currently fascinated by this?  I have no idea, but Foster may be on to something when he says we want new and old in some magnificent combination.

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