The craziness that are sticky tabs

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Here you can see what my copy of The Scarlet Letter looks like after an in-depth reading.
Each color represents something different.

Red is for any mention of the letter A or the color scarlet.
Blue represents anything I found to be important.
Green is Dimmesdale - particularly any interesting passages.
Yellow shows where the word or some form of the word "ignominy" is used.
Purple is for any age reference.
Pink shows references to the color black, shadows, or evil.   

Unlike some of my classmates, I can't write in my books, it's just a personal preferences.  Therefore, I have to resort to some other means of keeping my thoughts straight when doing a close reading.  This was the best method I could come up with, given my materials.  While it was suggested that I could use an electronic copy and mark it in a word document, I grow tired of looking at my computer all the time, and it in fact bothers my eyes!  
A book with stickies on every other page is much more appealing to me than a highlighted word document - thus, the creation you see above. :)

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