Books smarts vs. street smarts

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Was anyone else completely intrigued by chapter 35, in its entirety?  Entitled "Escaping properly - Dark Schemes - Discrimination in Stealing - A Deep Hole" (276) I was thoroughly amused by the arguments between Tom and Huck.  Tom has all these books and figures he relies on to make a proper escape plan while Huck tries to convince him "confound it, it's foolish, Tom" (280).  Tom has all these book-like ideas, that are far from practical, although they are very worthy of writing down.  It's great to see how Huck is actually smarter when it comes to freeing slaves than Tom is, even though we find out Tom was just playing.  This really felt like a build up to not liking Tom because I was already frustrated with him from his outlandish ideas.  Learning later that he was just playing and Jim had been free all along I was almost angry with his character.  Chapter 35 just made me smile. :)

One strange thing I also noticed was on page 283 "Tom said it wasn't enough."  Throughout Huck's book we've seen him use "warn't."  This is the only time I saw him use "wasn't," so I'm not really sure if it happens at all in the rest of the book, but it stood out to me especially because it was used while Tom and Huck were still debating how to free Jim.


Jeremy Barrick said:

Good eye, Heather. Wonder why this occurred? All of a sudden, proper English. That is unheard of in ADH.

Jamie Grae said:

I didn't catch the change in grammar. That is very interesting. Wonder why it happened?

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