Children are Angels

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Eva is such a unique little girl!  She seems to be so innocent throughout her time in the play, which is very brief in comparison.  I almost compared her to Pearl in my mind, as she always knows what's happening before it actually happens.  She attempts to "save" Topsy, or at least make her behave (97).  
Other people notice the sincerity of Eva as well, Ophelia says "she's so loving. I wish I was like her.  She might teach me a lesson" (104).  This tells us that Eva is more special than we initially thought.
Eva's insight shines through again "the time is coming that I am going to leave you" (105).  Eva knows she is going to die, and she has accepted that.  St. Clare tells her not to speak of such things.  If the reader picks up on her speech patterns, it can easily be seen that she is going to die in the course of the play.  
When Tom interacts with Eva, being as religious as he is, he knows she's dying.  He is just as sure as Eva is that she will leave the world very soon.  Her death may seem unimportant to many people, but the end of the play is where we see why she is so important, why her death is so important.  "Eva, robed in white, is discovered on the back of a milk-white dove, with expanded wings, as if just soaring upward.  Her hands are extended in benediction over St. Clare and Uncle Tom who are kneeling and gazing up to her" (133).  St. Clare talks about how the angels are always made from the young.  How those who leave this world early are the ones watching over us.  Eva's being an angel to those two gentlemen is important because they watched over her so carefully in life and she was meant to watch over them in the afterlife.

On a completely different note:

Eliza's crossing the river (98) made me think of Foster.  All I could think about was the meaning of crossing water, even if she was above it, and did the ice have any significance?  Obviously across the river, she is a free woman, which can be considered a rebirth.  The running water could symbolize the difficulties she faced while trying to get across the river.  The fact that it was cold and there were ice chunks in the river could be seen as the obstacles she had to overcome to reach her freedom.

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