Let's fly to Never, Neverland

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If you didn't notice, I really do like Poe, even if he is one of the founders of genres that I don't really read.  "Fairyland" uses a lot of symbols to give you this image of surrealness.  On page 55 we see the moonbeam, star-stricken, moon, flowers, and "breath of June" all within the first stanza!  It feels like a set up for the rest of the poem, and it is. More of these same words are on page 57.  The last page switches to waterfalls.  Any information on what a waterfall could mean?  Using trusty google and unreliable sources, there are many interpretations of the waterfall ranging from the fall being female and the mountain being male to waterfalls represent a path to take and what can happen if you lose control of the path - crashing down on rocks.  Frankly, it seems to be a metaphor of the night falling over them, or possibly even reality since he does mention that "or is it all but a dream" (55).

Also a fun thing to note is the name of the girl, Isabel, continuing with the trend of "L" sounds in names used by Poe.


Sarah Durham said:

With or without google I also thought the waterfalls symbolized night falling over them. It was like some kind of dreamland that the fairy's called home. Poe did almost sound happy, like something you could find in a children's bedtime story.

Kayla Lesko said:

I also thought the waterfalls were related to night. I can't really imagine the waterfall meaning losing control because the overall vibe I get from the poem is some magical place.

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