Midterm Card Tower Collapse

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SO I am feeling a good bit overwhelmed.  This will make a great midterm wildcard...

Between not having any form of stable social life and school, I can easily say that I am lost in school work.  I don't really have anything to distract me from it, ever, making it the driving force of my life at the moment.  
I don't know how anyone else is feeling, I'm sure they have people they can go to at any given moment to avert a crisis.  To let you into my life, I really don't have that, especially now, which is horrible by the way, because even if someone were to offer me some time to sit, I probably would have to decline due to the tremendous amount of work I have to do.  I have run out of option, even playing piano does not help ease my tension anymore.
So please, do me a favor, if you don't really care, and genuinely don't want to know, do NOT ask me how I am doing, or what I am thinking.  Chances are I will either a) freak out on you b) break down on you c) stare ate you like you have got to be kidding me d) not even respond.
I am tired of being this happy person that everyone expects.  I can do it for students, but I have a very difficult time acting it up for teachers and peers.  So the next time I am laughing and I look like I am on the verge of tears, please for your sanity and mine, don't push me further than I already am.

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