Poetry Slam

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Last week we read poetry aloud - which for the record - I thought was pretty sweet.  Everyone has such a different view on things!  I actually hope I get my health back to hear the last of them as they really challenge the way we think!

Here is the synopsis of the comments given to me:
I read  "The last night that she lived" by Emily Dickinson
- soft spoken
- it sounded as if I would "break into tears"
- sad tone - also intimate, gentle, and like reading a suicide letter
- comfortable pace
- consistent
- good eye contact
- there were a couple that mentioned work emphasis, like "italicized" the way it was read you could almost see the word

I had a good time with this poem, it was very easy for me to feel it and understand it.  For anyone not in the class who happens to stumble upon this, here is a copy of the poem:

The last night that she lived,
It was a common night,
Except the dying; this to us
Made nature different.

We noticed smallest things, --
Things overlooked before,
By this great light upon our minds
Italicized, as 'i were.

That others could exist
While she must finish quite,
A Jealousy for her arose
So nearly infinite.

We waited while she passed;
It was a narrow time,
Too jostled were our souls to speak,
At length the notice came.

She mentioned, and forgot;
Then lightly as a reed
Bent to the water, shivered scarce,
Consented, and was dead.

And we, we placed the hair,
And drew the head erect;
And then an awful leisure was,
Our faith to regulate.

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