There is something to be said about reading order

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I feel that I should have read this after completing the assigned Huck Finn reading... 

Regardless of not having finished Huck Finn yet, I did find some of the comparisons in this section enlightening.  For example, "polar opposition between the Rive and the Shore, between freedom and bondage, is restated as a division within Huck's own mind" (333).  I was both surprised and not surprised by Smith's comparison here.  I understand the moral battles that Huck faces regularly, and we see his fight with that, but I didn't really think to compare it to the river and shore.  It makes sense especially though because every time they are on the shore, something goes wrong, or Huck has to create another one of his magnificent stories.  Nothing really good ever comes of being on the shore, or things that come from the shore, like the Duke and the King.  Thinking back now, I can recognize this comparison, and hopefully it will give me something to think about while I continue to attempt to finish the book. 

I also never really saw Huck as a "bad boy" (334).  I just see him as a kid trying to get away from it all, but I guess in that sense, he really is a bad boy character.  

I really feel that I should have finished the book before reading this, because it feels like I'm getting ahead of my reading.  This little introduction provides a lot of great insight to the story that I don't fully understand because I haven't read that far!  In this case, I feel it will linger just long enough for me to finish the book with these thoughts in mind - which may actually benefit my reading style in the end.

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