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After deciding I could not break into dance, or song, I ended up doing something visual - big surprise seeing as how my books could be rainbows!
This started with the idea that everything we talked about involved death on some level, either with the main character(s) or some minor character(s) in the stories.
Since I have yet to read one story, The Wizard of Oz, I decided to make Dorothy, how I remember her from the movie, the center of the master piece.  I then added the next most memorable work for me, which was the Scarlet Letter, initially I had only the A, it eventually progressed to include the cottage and the rosebush.  I then added the Raven, and the river from AHF.  The tribute to Emily Dickinson was kind of an afterthought
After coloring those in and erasing all unnecessary lines, I stared at the picture and said "I'll come back to this."  I ended up finishing it the next night by adding Jim, John Henry, the ribbon, the mask, the cottage and rosebush, Walden's Pond, the flag, the yellow wallpaper, and as a final thought, Foster.  
I believe that covers everything on there, if I missed anything it is because anything after that point was a quick add on.  
The words are themes from everything we read, not implying it is the only option, but one of the many that stuck with me throughout the semester. 
Here is the first picture I took, after I realized I should be documenting this for the sake of a blog!
Here is picture 2
and finally, here is the last picture, with the support backing - making it a little thicker and more durable.  This was the final product that I was able to present in class.

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