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"First, it is the duty of black men to judge the South discriminatingly" (3,22).

"Ever-recurring query of the ages, Is not life more than meat, and the body more than raiment" (6,11).


Alright, so W.E.B.DuBois makes almost no sense to me at all.  I found these selections to be extremely hard to understand.  So hard in fact, that I really just selected to lines that caught my eye.  It was very difficult for me to put myself into the time these were written, making it extremely difficult for me to understand what was really being talked about.  I can only hope that while reading others blogs, some light will be shed on what I could, or should, have gotten out of these.



KatieLantz said:

Heather, I'll try to provide some insight for you as I think I sort of understand W.E.B. Du Bois (or at least I hope I do)

The first quote you have deals with Du Bois' own feelings toward the south. He was all for creating a separate black society, and he still harbored bad feelings toward the south. He criticized Booker T. Washington for trying to get the approval of both Northern and Southern white men. That's why he was still critical of the south.

The second reading dealt more with the education of African Americans and the quote you selected was Du Bois asking his audience if we are just material beings. He was trying to point out that there is more to life than becoming educated and making money.

I hope this helps some!

Jeremy Barrick said:

Heather, I almost agree with you. The readings threw me off, but did not confuse me. I thought we were learning about industrialization. Not race. The readings were not racist, but black men who advocated for their own rights.

Kayla Lesko said:

Yeah, I thought Washington's writing style was easier to understand. And now that I read Katie's comment, I think I may have misinterpreted the quote I picked. -__-

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