Portfolio 3

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This is Portfolio 3 for EL266.  This highlights my work for the last portion of the semester.

These are merely four of the responses that I posted during the last third of the semester.  The Wizard of Oz has yet to be discussed in class, but even without comparing it to the movie, there will be a lot to discuss and there are already comments on my post.  I struggled with Booker T. Washington and the readings were discussed highly in class.  My peers also helped me out by commenting on Washington as well as W.E.B. DuBois.  Their comments enabled me to better understand why we had to read that set of essays.  Kevin Scott wrote an essay interpreting Tom in the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.  This essay sparked discussion on-line and in class.  David Smiths essay also sparked a lot of conversation on my blog.  I believe these four entries best exemplify my work for the last portion of the semester.  They cover a small portion of the readings required of us, and they also go into depth and created discussion amongst my peers. 

Of these four, three were posted in a very timely fashion, giving my classmates ample time to respond to my entry: The Wizard of Oz, Booker T. Washington and David Smiths essay "Huck, Jim, and American Racial Discourse".


Interaction - Here are comments that I left on classmates blogs.  These are not all the comments, but those that seemed to contribute to a discussion online or in class.

Jessica on Foster

Meagan on Mallioux and the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

Jeremy on H.N. Smiths ''Introduction to AHF"


Xenoblogging and Wildcard - I never thought I would post more than what was required of me.  For me, blogging is pretty new.  While I had a blog way back in middle school, I would say this is a little more complex, especially since people can Google search me and find my blog!  This class as matured my writing style even more, as it is very important that I know what I am posting and who can see it.  As a future educator, this process has shown me how a blog can work in certain settings, regardless of how hesitant the students are at partaking in this new media.  Here are a couple entries that were not required, but that I enjoyed creating.

A trip to Northern New York and Canada

My creative project

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