Turkey Day!

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For the wonderful (almost) week I had off, Matt and I were able to go back to my home town for Thanksgiving.  Since I practically live on the St. Lawrence, we also decided it would be a great time to use our new passports and drive to Canada for a day!  If you thought airports were difficult, try getting into Canada for a day when the first three questions are as follows: Where do you live? (PA) Where are you going? (Ottawa) and How long are you staying? (the afternoon)... followed by "That's a long drive to be up for just a day..."  Needless to say they did a background check on us since nothing about our passports matches where we live or how we're crossing the border in NY at that...  
So, I thought I would share a few pictures of NY, without snow surprisingly, from our mini vacation.

NY1.jpg here is the bay in good old Northern New York, right on the St. Lawrence river.  Everything water beyond the dock is obviously the wonderful river I grew up on, and the land across the way is Canada!  So yes, I saw Canada practically every day growing up.
This is a part of the Rideau Canal up in Ottawa.  Matt really wanted to see this, so we walked pretty much everywhere from the parking garage, this was one of the sights... and yes, there is a big boat at the far end.

I thought this was a cool statue, thus, a picture!

We are pretty sure this is one of the Parliament buildings... there were three really big buildings in a little semi-circle, and this one had the best lighting.  It was kind of weird knowing we could tour the Parliament buildings, but you have to pull teeth to get into the Capitol here...

This is glorious Black Lake, my house is quite literally on a hill, over looking this.  During the summer there are a ton of people on the camps along the lake as well as out boating and fishing here!  I think it's the most gorgeous in the fall though, when the trees change colors and reflect off the lake.

Matt said I couldn't take this picture without a scale... he's 5'10".... My sister and I got those trees a LONG time ago, and they would have been up to about his knees and about as wide as him too!  Obviously they are significantly bigger now, and amazingly still in my back yard. There used to be sumacs behind them, but the parents cleared that out to make room for the trees to grow!  They are blue spruces and also absolutely gorgeous when in full bloom.  I really hope to see them there 20 years from now!

So those are just a few of the pictures from our trip.  It was freezing in Canada, but we are planning on going back sometime in the next couple years!  Hope you enjoyed a small peek at the little town I'm from. :)

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