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The first article, a short, typical crime report on a Pittsburgh robbery, reported that two women robbed a gas station with a samurai sword and dagger in hand.  After tying up but otherwise not harming the clerk, the women took cash and lottery tickets from the gas station.  The robbery took place Saturday morning, and the article was posted an updated Saturday evening on  Because "police investigating the alleged robbery but do not have any persons of interest identified," this crime would fall under the "unsolved or not arrested" portion of the "entry into the system" segment of the US criminal justice system.


The feature story I read pertained to the murder of actor Kelsey Grammer's sister in 1975.  Grammer's 18 year-old sister was beaten, rapped, and then stabbed to death by a man that attempted, but failed, to rob the Red Lobster where she worked.  Although this story was published on in early September and discussed crime over 30 years old, the news hook is that Freddie Lee Glenn, the convicted killer, is set for a parole hearing early next year.  Unlike my other article, this story covers a convicted suspect who has progressed much further through the criminal justice system.  He would be classified as part of the final "corrections" segment, about to enter the "parole" subset.  From there, he will either leave the system or go through "revocation."


Unlike the shorter artilce, this feature story covers much more backround information of the convicted killer and the victim. However, I think the reporter made a misktake when he wandered into a discussin Kelsey's life and profession.  Also, his use of opinionaed phrases and drawn-out transitions. 

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You did a good job finding two contrasting articles. And yes,a 30-year-old crime can still be news. In this case, there's the parole hearing, but we're reading about really because of its connection to a famous actor.

Once a person is convicted of a crime, he or she is no longer a suspect, but a convict.

Good analysis.

ChelseaOliver said:

I agree with you about the way the reporter put in about Kelsey's life, and all of his own opinions - you're def. right about that- those were both more than needed in this article.

Madelyn Gillespie said:

For your first article, if the police don't have enough evidence to find the criminals, then the press can't very well release a story that leas people to think otherwise. I'm just wondering where the women got the samurai sword and a dagger to rob the gas station with. It's not everyday that you can safely say, "I just saw some woman waving a samurai sword in the air!" Anyways, I agree with you on the fact that the reporter shouldn't have included details about Kelsey's life. Yes, he was a victim through his sister, but she's the one who's dead.

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