The Dizzying Distractions of TV News

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As seen through two satirical videos, one from The Onion and the other from an episode of Saturday Night Live, TV news of the 21st century has become more of a theatrical spectacle than an informative broadcast.  Although both clips take news broadcast's use of intros, crawls, and clips to an extreme, their underlying point is valid none-the-less: TV news offers more flashes and gimmicks than true news. 

I think this trend inevitably leads to an introspective review of society's goals and preferences.  What has our culture come to if we obviously value the superficial and flashy over impactful issues?  Moreover, how will this trend's continuation impact society in the future?  I believe if we, the recipients of the news, don't firmly make a stand and call for greater integrity in our news, the public's appetite for superficial will only continue, thus fueling entire generations of impatient and uninterested citizens. 


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