Blogging Portfolio 1: I Blog therefore I am

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I have found thus far this term that Literary Criticism is best done with a few drinks pumping through one's veins.  Just enough to loosen the mind,  allowing it to run more efficiently without the hang-ups of the everyday world breaking in. 

Coverage: My blogs, I will go in order from the beginning of the class

I have to admit, after looking back at the titles of my blogs, I really enjoyed them.


Depth:  Here are a few of my more in depth blogs


Blogging Carnival:  Here you will find the blogs Michelle Tantlinger and I have been working on Concerning Gilman's "The Yellow Wallpaper" and Chopin's "The Awakening"

Interaction:  I really enjoy the blog entries by Mara Barreiro and Michelle Tantlinger, this is where most of my interaction takes place.


Discussions:  Yea I have friends...and the villagers rejoiced.  Not much to this section, i guess nobody really enjoys what i have to write.


Timeliness:  Unfortunately I have had some terrible computer problems this term, and as a result some of my blogs have been late.  This includes the ones from this week.  I have a very tight schedule, and because of I'm obsessive compulsive, i micromanage my own life and do each task for each class on a specific day.  I think the fact that I am a straight A student vouches for the fact that I take my work seriously.




Hope this is what you were looking for Dr. Jerz, I'm still a bit sketchy on this project.  But I did my best, and here it is. 


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