Kolodny: Remember to use protection when sharing with a reader

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"I think it worth noting that there exists an intimate interaction between readers and writers in and through which each defines for the other what s/he is about" (Kolodny 196).

     Without sharing an experience of some sort, what is the point of a story.  If I don't care for the characters, what reason do I have to read even if the plot is the best in history?  As humans we share many experiences, despite the diffrences in our societies.  In China you are just as likely to find most people have felt at some point that they don't belong, or they are lonely.  These same people exist in Canada, in Columbia, in any other country you wish to check.  We as humans share emotions, love, fear, hate, dissappointment, not a single person in this world is immune.  Even the criminally insane have emotions like those who are so called normal.  It is because of this that readers and writers can share an "intimate interaction".  When I read stories from other countries, the settings may be unfamiliar, but the messages, the emotions are not.

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