Bernard: Have You Ever Though For Yourself

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"...three possible minds to which the psychological critic customarily's mind, character's mind, and the audience's mind" (Bernard 216).

While this quote was actually borrowed from a person named Norman Holland, I found it interesting anyway.  I found while reading this article, that it seemed difficult to find any hints of who Bernard Paris actually is, or what he thought.  It seemed at times that every other line was a quote.  Im not certain this is necessary, is it not possible for Mr. Paris to think for himself?

Anyway, as far as the quote is concerned, Mr. Holland believes that it is only by studying one of these minds that a critic can find any "bonafide method" (Bernard 216).  I would have to strongly disagree with this idea.  Why is only the audiences mind that can be analyzed throug a psychologic approach.  I understand that we can gain the most information by doing actaul interviews with people directly after reading a work, but I do have one point to make in my defense.  If a psychologist is given a file, are they not able to make a rudimentary diagnoses of the possible afflictions of a person?  If so, can we not look at a character being built up through a story as not just a file on the person, but a more in depth look at a person, even imaginary, because we watch and witness the situations that change them and lead them down a certain path?

just a though

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