Bladerunner: More human then human

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I love this movie, although as most often is the case, the book was better.  The question that appears in the movie, but even more so in the book is, what does it mean to be human?  You have on the one hand, the humans themselves who are doing their best to kill all of the androids, while at the same time barely paying attention to their own lives.  On the other hand you have the androids who are fighting for their lives just to try and enjoy those few fleeting years that they are allowed to exist.  Running for their "lives" and striving for the freedom that the humans take for granted. 

Another question that pops up during the movie, is who has more humanity, the humans or the androids?  Remeber that the last act of the final replicant that Deckerd must destroy, is to save the man trying to destroy it. 

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