Keesey: Chapter 5 Introduction

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"The mirror may tell us what we are; memory may tell us what we were; but only the imagination can tell us what we might be" (Keesey 268).

I really like this quote.  Without dreaming, what would our lives really be.  Every person is living a life that is not exactly how they planned it to be.  As a child i spent so many hours dreaming of what i was going to be when i grew up.  As an adult, i spend many hours trying to figure out how i can make those dreams come true.  I believe that it is only through our minds that we can find the answers we are looking for.  It is only our own imagination that determines what is real and what is not.  Once it was thought that men could never fly, but we found this to be wrong when two men used their minds to figure out a way of making this happen.

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