Rupp: I got no quote to hold me down

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I know we are supposed to find a quote from each text that grabs our attention, but i didnt find that in this article.  There were some i could have chosen, but instead im going to write about an idea this article brought to me that i had no thought about while watching, or reading "Life is a Dream".

I had not realized that in "Life is a Dream", there is an appearance of both Machiavelli's Princes.  The first, "the is it better to be feared prince", appears in the beginning of the play during the dream sequence.  He is the one who throws people out of windows, sometimes wish i could that.  The second prince, "the is it better to be loved prince", appears at the end once Segismundo realizes that it was not a dream, and he better clean up his act if he is going to be a good ruler. 

Not sure why this so interested me, but it did and i hope some of my classmates picked up on this as well.

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