Barker and Hulme: Enough Shakespeare

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"This may seem a strange thing to say about the most notoriously bloated of all critical enterprises, but in fact 'Shakespeare' has been force-fed behind a high wall called Literature" (Barker and Hulme 444).

I have grown very weary of Shakespeare.  Yes, I can see that he has become such an integral part of Western Literature, that without him the whole system might collapse.  I however am not a person who likes to be told what to do, and particularly what I should like.  I am very open to trying new experiences, but I have had enough Shakespeare.  I am tired of being force fed works for no other reason than the fact that some group of unknown people decided that these works are the ones that others must read.  I am sure had i found Shakespeare on my own that things could have turned out differently, but i didnt find him on my own, and i am tired of reading his works.

I am curious to hear how many people disagree with me.

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