Blogging Portfolio 2: The Sequel

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This is my blogging portfolio part 2.  I'm still not a big fan of blogging, but is required for the course and here goes.  Since my last portfolio, I have finally come to a conclusion on the style of criticism that draws me in, I seem to be a post-structuralist.  It's kind of nice to have a name that goes along with my opinions, never had that before.  To be honest, I never even realized that this was how I was reading, or the reason behind why certain parts of a text grabbed my attention more than others. 

The Collection:  Here are some of what I believe are my better blogs, this second section has done much more to grab my attention than the first part of the semester.


Blogging Carnival

Interaction:  Again, I found that there is something about Mara's Blogs that make me really enjoy reading them.  It appears that my best comments and interactions happened on her blogs.

Discussions:  Well it appears that my blogs were not checked by many other students.   These are the best examples I could find that included more than one comment.

Timeliness:  All of my blogs have been on time, and my last set of blogs as well as this portfolio were and are early.


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