Dock, Daphne, Allen, Palais, Tracy: I think i got them all

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"Hedges's lengthy afterword aligned "The Yellow Wallpaper" with other "deliberate dramatic indictments, by women writers, of the crippling social pressures imposed on women" (Wallpaper 55), thereby positioning it in the feminist literary tradition then being charted..." (Lots of names 471)

For a list of the names of the writers, please do not look at the quote but rather at the title of this blog.  With that said,  I just have one question, How would the meaning have changed if the main character had been a male? 


Jenna said:

I think that the story would be very different if the main character was a male. I do not think we would think about social pressures and definitely not post-partum depression. I remember that this story was sometimes tied to a horror reading like Poe's. If the character was male, then I think we would appreciate it for a good horror story. It is amazing that one change could do so much. I think it is sad that most of us would probably not think of social pressures if the character were male. Since there are feminist criticisms, should we not have masculine criticisms, too? I know Erica is definitely thinking of this and I think males and females should have their own criticisms, too.

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