Feldstein: Another shift of angle

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"...John is the story's antagonist and the narrator/protagonist succumbs  to a progressive form of madness" (Feldstein 402)

One night while working together I decided to try something interesting with Michelle Tantlinger.  Knowing that she is a feminist, and me always loving to play devil's advocate, I decided to run an idea past her.  What if John is not the antagonist, but simply an unknowing fool who is prescribing this cure for his wife because it is the best cure that he knows?  What if our unnamed main character falls into this madness on her own?  Is it possible that she feels she does not have enough connection to the reality into which she was born, and therefore seeks not solitude, but meaningful relationships to "creepers" or shadow people that she finds in her own mind?  If that is the case, then she becomes not insane, but a part of a reality that her husband, and ourselves do not understand.  Obviously Felstein does a better job than myself, but I was really surprised to come across an article that covered an idea that i already had, although mine is obviously infantile in comparison.

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