Keesey: I'm a White male, why doesnt' anyone listen to me?

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"Similarly, cultural critics' objections to terms such as 'humanism' and 'universal truth' rest not so much on epistemological grounds as on the fact that these terms have historically been used to privelege the views of one small group-white males of European descent..." (Keesey 413).

Well, I'm not the first one to say this...but down with the man.  There is no "universal truth" just as there is no universal language, or even universal emotion, there are similarities, but exact instances that cover each and every person.  I have always been told that history is written by the winners.  I had never taken the time to think just how far this goes.  It is not only the history of war, but the history of everything we know, or at least everything we are told is important to remember. 


Angela Palumbo said:

It's kind of scary when you think about it isn't it James? Politics influences everything, including history. To me, history should be a representation of what actually happened, not some warped view. I'm sure that sometimes, though, I wouldn't really want to know the real truth.

Derek Tickle said:

Why is history formed by the people who are "popular" or "famous?" There seems to not be one universal truth or structure, but a particular fact that is only derived from specific people.

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