Are We Going to Disappear?

"This may surprise some of you, but we live in a Christian culture" (p. 116)

This is the very first line of Foster's chapter 14.  At first I was like, yea maybe now but it is changing fast but then I kept reading.  He was talking about how the early settlers brought their Christian culture.  I thought of it more along the lines of right now having majority of the population Christian.  It makes me nervous that the percent of Christians is dropping dramatically.  What have we done wrong?  Why is it happening so fast?  It brings a lot of question and sadness just thinking about it.  What does everyone else think?


Christianity has too many obligations... but more specifically I cannot believe in the Bible. I respect all religions and feel that people can believe what they want - but the Bible, form my perspective, is too black and white. I cannot live in a world without bi, lesbian, and gay people.
Plus, Christianity has really been given a bad perspective by uber-religious people - those that feel they have to save everyone, when really that's not what religion is about. It's about faith in something bigger than ourselves. That's just my take on it. Why are you nervous about the Christian population dropping?

This is a huge topic that could be discussed for days but here are a few of my thoughts. I definitely can agree with you but I think i would alter the view a tiny bit. Whether one is Christian or not he or she (if any sort of moral code is there) can agree that the religion's moral views had a great affect on society. So yes, it is scary to think about how many people are straying away from their morals today. Whether one believes in the religion, no one can argue that over the years it had some affect on society. Now let's take the individuals who do share the beliefs of other Christians. There are many who believe but very little who actually practice those beliefs. The men who started this nation built it on their moral beliefs that came from their religion. That much is proven in the pledge. Slowly though society is taking it out all together. I do not think anything should be forced on anyone, but its becoming a little ridiculous. It seems like from my experience, especially in high school, that everyone is so afraid of being accused of "pushing" religion on people that its becoming lost within all of us.

While I do agree with Jessica, I still think the ideas and ideals of Christianity remain prevalent in our society. We can easily pick out a Christian idea when we see it, and as foster suggests, we should still be familiar with these things, even for literature's sake.

Also, on the subject of morality, I do believe that many other religions have the same "moral code" as Christianity. The Koran is almost identical to the Old Testament, and other religions such as Buddhism and Hinduism have strict moral codes.

I guess it is all really up to the individual to practice what they preach.

You all make good points. But truth be told, Christianity was an integral part in the founding of our country. Now, with people straying from their 'morals,' our whole dynamic as a country could be altered forever. I view that as frightening as well. It is a shock when cultural norms slowly start to change, and Christianity has been a norm for a while.

Wow!! Thanks for all the discussion. It's nice to get other views on the topic other than just mine.

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