Should I brag or not?

Chapter 4: Sounds
"Instead of singing like the birds, I silently smiled at my incessant good fortune" (para 2)

I was first drawn to this line because I didn't know what incessant meant.  Incessant just simply means continuing without interruption.  So when I read the line again, I thought it told a lot about the narrator.  Instead of bragging about all of his fortune, he just silently kept it to himself and was happy about it.  He didn't go spreading it around shoving it in anyone's face.  He was modest.  I think that shows a lot and is a nice trait to have.


Yes, I agree. Getting rid of the ego has some positive affects on the soul. Thoreau absorbed all of nature. He carefully observed what was going on and did not tell anyone else except his readers.

I agree. I think it does show a lot about him as well. There were many telling details like that throughout this.

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