Nothing should be taken lightly.

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How to Read Literature like a Professor
"...every night is followed by a new day, that life is an endless cycle of life, death, and renewal, in which one generation succeeds another until the end of time" (Foster 50-51).

    Foster looks at this outlook with irony.  He looks at it with a certainty that the earth will renew itself and humanity will renew itself, but I look at this phrase with amazement and excitement.  Yes, it has a sense of certainty of renewal but what comes with that renewal.  Renewal, to most, means fixing something that is already there and making it better.  So life isn't just being renewed but it is bringing the feeling and anticipation of new and better things to come.  For example, one generation invented black and white television, the next invented color television, the next videos, the next dvds, and so on and so on.  Every generation comes up with better things that make life so exciting.  It gives us something to look forward to. 
    Every night is followed by a new day and the anticipation and excitement is so astonishing.  In my opinion, this type of phrase is taken so lightly and is reason for the blame of what the world has come to.  People need to take life with happiness and enjoy it while it lasts cause it can change so fast.
    I know i may have jumped around a lot in this blog but to me, this phrase is such a powerful statement that has so much to it.  

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