The parking situation at SHU is terrible.  Unless you are there are six in the morning, you do not get a spot in A, B, or C.  After that you get the very back of D.  It is not the fact of not wanting to walk, because I don't mind walking, it's the fact of time.  It takes me at least fifteen minutes to drive to school and I never know where I am going to get a spot so I usually end up leaving forty five minutes to an hour before class which stinks because it is a waste of time.  My opinion is that residents should have to park in D and D only because it is closet to their dorms anyway.  That would leave A, B, and C for commuters.  There has been times that I had to drive around for fifteen minutes trying to find a spot because there wasn't even a spot in lot D.  That is ridiculous.  I refuse to park in Caritas Lot because I am not going to wait for the shuttle.  I think this is a serious problem that needs a lot of attention.


Thanks for sharing your frustrations. I'm actually the faculty representative on a university parking task force. Believe me, there are no easy answers. If there were, they'd have been implement years ago.

Regarding residents, students who live in Havey and Sullivan area actually closest to A lot; the flight of stairs leading from D lot to Dechantal was put in to make it easier for residents, and in fact you often see cars parked in the very back of D lot near those stairs, so it would seem some residents are choosing to park there.

It is a pain to weave through the traffic and the illegally parked cars along the side of the hairpin turn that leads back to D lot, only to find there are no spaces there at all. Then you have to weave back out again.

The van actually comes to Caritas very frequently, certainly in less than the 15 minutes you describe hunting for a space. So when I come to campus at times that I know are congested, I will often go straight to Caritas. Maybe there's a space in D lot that I miss, but I don't add to the crowd of cars prowling for spaces, and it's a lot less stressful.

I can't see myself spending an extra forty-five minutes or hour hunting around just so I can get a closer parking space. But I bring along an audiobook to listen to on my headphones, and I put on my walking shoes, and feel very virtuous about the hike. Except when I'm running behind, in which case I curse like anyone else!

Now try adding the fact that it's a 30 minute drive to campus from home - hour and a half from a substitute day, and parking becomes a nightmare!
I understand completely and actually talked to a gentleman that drives the shuttle from the Caritas lot about the parking. I find it fascinating the students park in faculty spots - because on the huge WVU campus, you get towed and ticketed for that craziness. I usually luck out for my night classes, but I also try and get in an hour early to get a decent spot! I use that extra time to get ahead on reading, or review something I am concerned I don't remember enough about, so I try not to make it wasted time :)

It also seems that there should be a way for commuters that spend all day at campus to have parking as well as those that come in for one or two classes a day. Honestly, my Thursday class is the worse for parking - middle of the day, I'm there for 50 minutes if that. It takes me longer to drive there and back as well as find parking than the time I spend in class!
My evening classes it's very hit or miss. So really, if you're going to be there from 6am until 11pm, why not park in the D lot and let everyone who is only coming in for an hour or two have decent parking. No one wants to spend more time walking to and from their car than they do in class.
I completely feel your pain.

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