The Truth Will Be Revealed

The Scarlet Letter
Chaprter 19-24
"A few hours longer, and the deep mysterious ocean will quench and hide forever the symbol which ye have caused to burn upon her bosom!" (Hawthorne 203)

    This to me is one of the most suspenseful lines of the book, or at least the end of the book.  Hester can finally get rid of the symbol and reminder of the guilt and sin that she has done.  She will now be able to live the rest of her life normally as if it never happened.  Or will she?  No one has no idea what the rest of the book will hold unless they read it.  They have no idea what Pearl will be like with her and what the townspeople will be like.  Will she be treated as completely normal or will she still be looked down upon or will it be both?  Anyone can guess what is going to happen but no one can be completely sure. 
    All the emotion that was going through Hester's mind had to be overwhelming.  She was so relieved but so scared.  She like everyone else didn't know what else would happen after she got rid of that A.  Would she still think about her sin like it was on her chest?
    This one sentence can mean and lead to so much it's unbelievable.


I agree. It is interesting how this one sentence can hold so much meaning. Another question it raises is if she can even truly get rid of it. Yes, she can physically take it off, but can she ever really leave it behind. As we see in the ending, she never really does take it off--physically, that is--but it does make one wonder what she would have been like if she had taken it off.

I am a firm believer in change. People are able to change, no matter the circumstance. I feel that if Hester was able to leave the colony, she would in fact gain a new perspective on matters. The letter A would just be another letter in the alphabet to her. Not a symbol of her guilt.

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