Born or Reborn?

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"And here's the thing he discovers: being born is painful.  And that goes whether you're born or reborn"  (Foster 155)


I have never read Ordinary People but after reading this section, I really want to.  I find this quote very interesting because the idea of being reborn is definitely something to think about.  Whether you're reborn from an accident or incident that happend and changed you or anything, it's weird how someone can be something and some way and then by a one second event change for the rest of their life.  He says in this quote that the character in the book saying being born or reborn is painful.  In his circumstances, I could understand why, because he was always in the shadow of his brother and never had the spotlight like his brother did.  Then when he was reborn, he had to live with the fact that he was the one that lived and the "amazing" brother died.  Along with that, only two people can look at him like he is and one is because his therapist didn't know him before the storm.  That would be painful.  I think that it depends on what your life is like and what events happen in your life that make it painful.  Also it depends on how you react after the tramatic event that will make something painful.  Some people can just deal with things and return back to normal while others have a very hard time and like the story in Foster, may try to end their life to get out of the misery.   

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