Expect what?

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"We expect a certain amount of verisimilitude, of faithfulness to the world we know, in what we watch and what we read" (Foster 228)

Honestly, the reason I was first interested in this quote is because I have never seen, to my knowledge, verisimilitude.  So I reread the sentence many times, "We expect a certain amount of faithfulness in what we watch and what we read."  I think it is based on everyone's own opinion.  To say "we" is to assume a lot about everyone as a whole.  I also think to expect a certain something is the wrong way to approach a piece of literature.  With never reading or even hearing about what someone is about to read, their expectations of the book could be far fetched from what the book is actually about.  To expect a certain amount of faithfulness to the world is also a big expectation that readers have.  Read the book and take it how you should be and how the author wants it to be taken.

I chose this as depth because I went into the idea and topic more.  I have a big opinion on this matter and was able to go into more than some of the other topics.

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