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"Mostly, these are works I've mentioned along the way, works I like and admire for a variety of reasons, works I think you might like as well" (Foster 281)

I just want to say thanks for mentioning that now.  The whole time I have been reading this book, I had no idea what books he was talking about and sometimes I have never heard of them either.  To be honest, knowing he was going to mention certain books doesn't mean I would have read them but I would probably have researched them or looked into them a little.  Foster said that he listed them in the Appendix which is at the end.  I don't know about anyone else but I read books from front cover to back cover.  I completely understand that he didn't make a whole list at the beginning of the book but he could have mentioned it. 

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I understand your pain Jamie. First, I am so glad you posted on this one too, because it made me realize, I can totally read three more pages and be virtually done with Foster.
I looked over that intense list of books, and I'm not sure I remember him mentioning some of them! Some I recognize, many I don't, and I kind of wish I had known ahead of time (since like most people, I skip the table of contents) what I was going to be reading about.
Like you, I would have looked into a few things! When I was completely lost, it was because of two reasons: 1) I didn't believe what Foster was saying, or 2) I had no idea what he was referencing. It's great to know that's there now... heh.

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