Passion to Negativity. What?

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These are just some of my thoughts on some of the poems by Edgar Allen Poe.

Fairy Land
"Now deep shall be--O deep! The passion of our sleep!"

This stood out to me because when I think of sleep, I think of a deep sleep.  So it's just a deep sleep but this could also be death.  A sleep that is deep forever.  Saying the passion of our sleep could mean so much too because it's the passion of the sleep.  I looked up the different meanings of passion and was interested by this definition: the state of being acted upon or affected by something external, esp. something alien to one's nature or one's.  Then i thought back to the ray that he talked about and the moon ray.  I thought that it seemed weird or abnormal and thought that that definition fit. 

The Haunted Place
" a ghastly rapid river..."

I blogged about The Raven about Poe's great detail and use of negative words.  This is a negative detailed word and he also repeated it.  He used this in the same line that I blogged about in The Raven.   It is just another way that Poe uses his great detail and such strong words in his poems to stress the important of the subject.

Epigram for Wall street

I don't have a specific quote from this poem but just a opinion.  I thought it was absolutely hilarious!  I put all the poems in a word document to print them and it was in the middle of all of them.  It was a nice little break to all the seriousness.  I went into reading it like the rest trying to figure it out and it was fully there and open for truth.  I just thought it was very funny and entertaining. 

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