School holidays


All through my elementary career, I have had parties at all major holidays.  Since then most have been cancelled, leaving children to 2 parties a year.  With Halloween coming up, aka the most exciting party that I had in elementary school, and the schools without a party, I decided to write about it.  The students are not only not allowed to have a party but they are not allowed to wear their costumes to school.  When I was in school, we had a parade and party full of games, candy and fun.  Now students are not allowed to have a parade or bring in candy which cuts out on the fun.  Someone I know said that there teacher gives them candy but are not allowed to tell anyone or they will not be able to get any anymore.  I just think this is ridiculous and that the kids should be able to have fun and enjoy a fun afternoon after a week full of classwork and tests.  They deserve a reward after doing all the work.  Just a thought.


What school district is this!!??

Penn Trafford

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