That was then, this is now

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"This at of censorship received national publicity and inspired debate throughout the country." (Mailloux 48)

This sentence stood out to me because it shows how different now and then are.  They took this book off the shelves because of the way it was making boys and influencing them.  If you go to a bookstore, there are a lot more influential books then just one about the way a boy ran away and lived.  Times have changed a lot since then and a lot of people have made a living based on books that would not be acceptable back then.

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It is definitely a great example of how much things regarding censorship have changed. It takes a lot more now to inspire debate throughout the country than a story like AHF. Like you've said Jamie, there are many other books on the shelves at book stores that would be considered much more controversial. I think the books that fit into this category are the one that authors were more apt to write, simply because they were the ones that would sell.

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